The Magic of Museums

When you were a kid, how many times did you go to a museum as a class trip? Obviously those were the best days because even though you went to school you actually weren’t in class and more often than not you were sent home without homework.

Once we leave school most of us won’t really set foot in a museum again until we have our own kids, but this is a real pity. Whether you go as a visitor or whether you think you might like to work in a museum, museums are actually magical places.

The Liverpool job centre might be able to find you work in a museum. There are so many professions housed in a museum that aren’t often considered as career paths.

Exhibits are set up and organised by curators and custodians, exhibits that are open to the public and those for private viewing. But a museum is also a place of research and a place where knowledge and education are developed and valued.

As a kid we would walk into a museum and gaze about us at the high ceilings that echoed and the strange and wonderful exhibits that the museum housed. When you walk into a museum now, all those first childhood experiences of museums come flooding back, and this is only half its magic.