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The Bruderhof communities are a Christian religious community that was started in the 1920s, in Germany. The Bruderhof community now stretches to New York, West Virginia, Florida and Pennsylvania, with communities in Australia, Paraguay, Germany and the United Kingdom as well.

The Bruderhof has Christian beliefs and their faith is in Jesus. The Bruderhof create their lives around the teachings of Christ, in particular the teaching of “Love your neighbour as yourself” as well as teachings that advocate faithfulness in marriage, non violence and compassion to the poor. Members of the Burderhof do not own property nor do they receive an income. Instead any money that is made from businesses is put together and used to care for all the members and used for community outreach programs. The Burderhof model is to remove social and economic divisions that are believed to cause war.

The Burderhof community was created in 1920 in Germany; the founder of the Burderhof was Eberhard Arnold and his wife Emmy. Emmy’s sister Else von Hollander also helped in forming the group. Adolf Hitler actually forced the group out of Germany before World War 2. It is said that he didn’t have them killed because they were decedents of old German Kings. After they were forced out of Germany they settled in Great Britain, but once the war started they were forced out of the country, because the British didn’t want to take any chances of having German spies around. The Burderhof then went to Paraguay and here they flourished for many years and later the Burderhof communities spread-out through the world.

In the 1950s community playthings like furniture and toys were created and served as the main income for the Burderhof. Other businesses that the Burderhof have are Rifton Equipment, which offers rehabilitation and mobility for disabled adults and children. Clean Sheen Services is another business, which offers cleaning and management services for property. The Burderhof also published numerous books until 2005.

The Burderhof have their own community and live a more Amish existence, but try and reach out to the surrounding communities in the area to spread the word of God and his love for your neighbour.


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