An English Teacher on the End of the Telephone

Imagine learning English over the phone. Would it be as effective as learning face to face? Would it better to learn English from an excellent teacher over the phone, than to learn from a not so great teacher face to face?

Learning a language involves learning both the script, as well as a phonetics of a language. Research in language education has shown that hearing a language being spoken is as important as reading meaning of words and learning a script.

It is therefore better to learn English from a teacher that you can hear rather than just through a book! Having said that, could Telephone English classes be as effective as learning face to face? The answer is, of course they can!

Learning over the telephone means that you can hear the teacher speak and you can converse with the teacher. It also means that you get undivided attention that you can’t possibly get in a class with several students.

Speaking a language speeds up the process of learning it. Whether you learn over the telephone or face to face, the point is that you get to speak English with the teacher. For those who do not have access to a class or who prefer one to one lessons, telephone classes could be the ideal option.


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