We recently used a professional translation agency – here’s what we experienced

We always knew that in order to excel at what we do and to grow, we needed to move into newer markets. However, entering a new market as you can imagine is no small feat. It takes a lot of planning, strategy and systems in place in order to enter new markets. Now, we had decided the market we wanted to enter and also knew the value proposition we provided to the target customers in that market however in order to build an initial presence, we approached a professional translation agency. We checked with many translation agencies before deciding to choose the one we wanted to work for on a long term basis.

You will be surprised to know that pretty much all professional translation agencies offer a wide range of services that include content localization, multiple search engine optimization, legal document translation and financial document translation to name a few. After much research, we knew we wanted to partner with TranslateMedia because TranslateMedia offered us a preview of what’s going to happen, how it is going to happen and of course, the pricing too was just about right.

TranslateMedia is among the world’s few premier language translation agency and our experience with them was phenomenal. The company has expert linguists in pretty much all distinguished languages in the world. More importantly, their linguists not just speak the destination language but also understand the local culture. TranslateMedia has subject specific knowledge and industry experience that made them our number one choice.

Among the many services they offer are translation services, interpreting services, international search engine optimization, language recruitment and trans creation. From a technical standpoint, TranslateMedia can translate any kind of file formats including HTML, CSV, XML, Java Properties files and SGML to name a few.

With offices in Asia, Europe and America, TranslateMedia is always a phone call away. The company has its own unique translation management technology that enables them to deliver quick and efficient translation service. What’s even better is that TranslateMedia offers a live demonstration on how they handle complex file formats. We have had a great experience working with them.


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