Why is Liverpool F.C. Globally Popular?

Football has many fans, arguably the most of any other sport, cricket coming in as the second most popular sport in the world. Yes, cricket is the second most popular sport, due to its immense popularity in India.

Football, however, still remains the first and most popular sport, mainly due to its dynamic nature. The FIFA World Cup attracts fans from all over the world and is a favorite of both the fans and the bettors (many of whom are also fans). Bookmakers also enjoy this quadriannual event, often using it to attract more customers by offering various promotions. Some of them are good, like the ones you can read about on promotion.co.tz while others are unappealing, at best.

While international events are the most popular ones, people always have a club they love cheering for, especially during the regular season, when the clubs play in their domestic leagues.

Liverpool F.C. is such a club, but its popularity is global, not just local. Why is that? Why is Liverpool such a popular football club?

The History of a Giant

Liverpool F.C. obviously comes from the city of Liverpool, England. It is an old club, dating back to 1892. The iconic, red color was not the primary color of choice when Liverpool was founded. It used to be blue and white. It changed to red and white for the shorts in 1894. It became all red in 1964, as a symbol of power and danger. The colors remained red since, at least the home colors. The away colors changed over time, varying greatly to reach the purple of today.

The club has 18 1st division wins, which was the top league prior to the formation of the Premier League. That also means that Liverpool did not have a major victory since 1990, other than the 2005 UEFA Champions League victory. So, how does a club with victories which took place over a decade or in most cases, over two or three decades ago, still have so many international fans?

The Club’s Spirit

One of the most popular songs, the one which is also on the crest of the Liverpool F.C. is the You’ll Never Walk Alone song. The song was released in 1945 but a cover from 1963 is what inspired the club to adopt the song and place it on the crest. The song is sung at Liverpool home matches at the Anfield stadium, before the match, often by fans and supporters alike. It is the club’s anthem and stands to represent that being fans of Liverpool F.C. means having a very large family. While the words might not imply that, the fans definitely feel that way, being connected to one another over thousands and thousands of kilometers. Many fans feel that losing or winning does not really mean that much to them, but rather, being fans of Liverpool. While wins are nice and loses leave a bitter taste, just cheering and being fans of Liverpool is more than enough for most of Liverpool’s fans.

Rivalries – The Spark Which Ignites the Fire

Liverpool has two major rivals, Everton, another club from Liverpool, and Manchester United. The rivalry with Everton is to be expected, as most clubs from the same city are often rivals, these two not being the exception. Their rivalry is called the Merseyside derby.

The rivalry with Manchester United stems from the 19th century, when the two cities were competing on an industrial level.

Liverpool F.C. is a globally popular club, partly due to its history, but mostly due to the spirit of the club and its fans.


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